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SPI ProHealth provides global sports physiotherapy services at international sporting events, private therapy to elite teams and well known organisations worldwide.
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About SPI ProHealth

Your Sports Physiotherapy Experts

Sports Physiotherapy International (SPI) was established in 1995 by Philippa Stewart and Sheilagh Anderson, long time business partners and well known physiotherapists in sports physiotherapy and sports medicine management. Together with their team of experienced physiotherapists, SPI provides global sports physiotherapy services at international sporting events, to elite teams and well known organisations worldwide.


For the past 24 years, Philippa and Sheilagh have been travelling the world accompanying famous sports personalities, celebrities and sports teams on tours and at championship events. SPI clients are primarily elite athletes performing on the world stage in golf, tennis, cricket and rugby. At an international level, SPI works with the WTA, ATP, International Tennis Federation, PGA Tour, European Golf Tour, the Asian Tour, LPGA and the Ladies European tour. In Hong Kong, we work with the Hong Kong Tennis Association, Hong Kong Badminton Association, Hong Kong Rugby Football Union national squads and the Hong Kong Cricket Association where the senior Men’s team is in the ICC High Performance Programme.


Since 1999, SPI has been managing physiotherapy clinic services in China in a partnership with the Beijing International SOS Clinic which, since 2015, is now managed by Raffles Medical Group.  Through this partnership, SPI has a flagship clinic in Beijing and smaller satellite clinics situated around China. In Hong Kong, SPI has an integrated clinic with a high performance fitness gym, Pinnacle Performance, and facilitates their full physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to clients particularly tailor-made for athletes and teams.


With more than two decades of experience, SPI has joined the ProHealth Asia network of healthcare specialists to expand their healthcare services.

Global Sports Events

Lead by Philippa and Sheilagh, SPI’s international sports physiotherapy team travels around the world all year round to cover major sporting events and tours.

Physio Services (HK)

A dedicated physiotherapy team with expertise in sports performance. Physiotherapy services include initial assessments, treatments for chronic and short-term injuries, as well as full musculoskeletal hands-on treatments best tailored for high performing athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts. Working together with Pinnacle Performance strength and conditioning trainers, we are able to optimise the rehabilitation programmes, thereby offering patients ‘zero to one hundred’ in one facility.

Physio Services (China)

Comprising of 8 foreign-trained physiotherapists mainly stationed in Beijing, China, the team specialises in helping patients with post-surgery rehabilitation, healing from injuries and ailments as well as managing back, neck and knee problems.

International Physio Team

Our international team continues to support a growing number of tournaments. These world-travelling physiotherapists not only come from a vast number of countries, but they bring with them an adventurous spin to physiotherapy services as they go on-the-road.

Fitness Physio Team (HK)

Three physiotherapists are currently available at Pinnacle Performance for one-on-one rehabilitation and ‘return-to-play’ fitness programmes. The ‘zero to one hundred’ performance goal encompasses physical training and physiotherapy that addresses initial injury (Level Zero), all the way to returning to optimum sports performance (Level One Hundred).

The China Physio Team

SPI provides integrated physiotherapy healthcare services for Raffles Medical Group in Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and Tianjin TEDA.



B.App.Sc (Physiotherapy)
Registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong
Sports Physiotherapy International and SPI ProHealth Asia Ltd Co-Founder

Philippa is a director and physiotherapist currently managing SPI ProHealth Asia Ltd based in Hong Kong. Originally from New Zealand, she grew up in Australia where she earned her physiotherapy degree in Perth in 1982, and quickly became interested in the emerging specialty of Sports Physiotherapy.


After a number of years working in private practice and sports medicine she moved to Asia which has been her home for 27 years. In Asia, Philippa became involved with education, firstly employed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to teach physiotherapy, and then to China as part of the World Health Organisation’s training scheme to introduce all aspects of rehabilitation medicine to doctors and nurses.


With sports medicine growing in Asia, Philippa and Sheilagh Anderson set up Sports Physiotherapy International Co. Ltd in 1995 to service elite athletes worldwide and further develop these skills amongst local physiotherapists.  In 2016, this company joined the ProHealth Asia family and has been rebranded to SPI ProHealth Asia Ltd.


As part of her high level resume she has worked at three Olympic Games and a Commonwealth Games, in addition to the Asian Golf Tour, European Men’s and Women’s Tours, LPGA, PGA, and WTA covering multiple world class events including the Grand Slam tennis events, and working individually with the world’s top golfers.


Philippa also jets across Asia in her role as the Clinical Director for ProHealth Sports and Spinal Physiotherapy Centres in Manila, The Philippines and in New Delhi, India.


Grad Dip PT (UK), MCSP.  Aberdeen School of Physiotherapy, Scotland

Registered Physiotherapist in Hong Kong and China
Sports Physiotherapy International and SPI ProHealth Asia Ltd Co-Founder

Prior to living in Asia, Sheilagh worked for 4 years in general hospitals in the Channel Islands and New Zealand. She landed in Hong Kong in 1979 and spent a further 6 years working in and then managing physiotherapy departments in local hospitals.


Moving into education she was a physiotherapy lecturer and clinical educator at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for 10 years. During some of this time she was also an active member of the HK Physiotherapy Board focusing on implementation of State Registration for Hong Kong physiotherapists and Secretary for the Asian Western Pacific Region of WCPT.


From 1992 Sheilagh has continued to provide physiotherapy services to elite athletes at sporting events worldwide. Since 1999, on behalf of SPI, she has been managing the physiotherapy clinic services in China in a partnership with the Beijing International SOS Clinic which, since 2015, is now managed by Raffles Medical Group.


BPhty (Otago), MNZSP, Registered Physiotherapist

Mark trained as a physiotherapist in New Zealand but made Hong Kong his home in 1995. He is a successful entrepreneur and business leader based in Hong Kong.


Mark owns and operates ProHealth Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy Centres, a successful chain of Physiotherapy clinics in Central, Hong Kong. Sports and Spinal will also open in Manila,The Philippines and in New Delhi, India by late 2016.


Mark also founded and owns SPOT Centres which provides pediatric therapy services to special needs children.


Outside of healthcare, Mark founded and sits on the board of Booktrack, an ebook technology company that provides soundtrack solutions for ebooks.


In these roles, Mark has combined his skills in business development, human resource management, as well as mergers and acquisitions, to enable him to build a financially successful business model that continues to expand across the region.