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SPI ProHealth provides specialised physical therapy services at world sports championships, tournaments, and private therapy to elite athletes and teams.
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SPI ProHealth China Operations + Locations

Physiotherapy (also known as Physical Therapy) can help with virtually any condition that affects your muscles, ligaments, joints or nerves. Evidence based treatments can help manage the effects of injury, illness, surgery, childbirth, ageing and poor posture as well as the stresses and strains of everyday life.


Our history in China

In 1999 Sports Physiotherapy International (SPI) our HK based company formed a joint venture with International SOS Beijing to provide physiotherapy services for their clinics in China. From one small room with the only foreign trained, China registered physiotherapist in Beijing we have since expanded and changed names.


In October 2015 a Joint Venture company was formed between International SOS and Raffles Medical Group with Raffles becoming the managing partner and so the clinic was rebranded at the end of March 2016. In May 2016 SPI became SPI Prohealth when they partnered with ProHealth Asia in Hong Kong.


SPI ProHealth/ RMG physiotherapy services in China are currently operating at three venues in Beijing, Tianjin and Nanjing clinic locations. We employ staff from several different countries and all have been trained at recognised overseas institutions and are licenced to practice in our home country. It is also a requirement to be registered with the local health bureaus in order to legally work in China. In Beijing, registration requires the successful completion of a formal locally administered exam.


Staff have a minimum of 5 up to 40 years post-graduate experience and maintain continuing education standards, as required by our individual national physiotherapy boards.


We are able to offer a multilingual service and provide translators if required.

Why should you see a physiotherapist?

People seem to think that it is OK to have pain or dysfunction. We accept that things stiffen up or fail to work – but it isn’t normal to have an aching neck at the end of the day, and you don’t always have to give up your favourite activity because you have “weak” ankles or a stiff back. It most certainly isn’t convenient to be incontinent when you jump or laugh. If you have had surgery or suffered trauma to your knees or any other part of your body then comprehensive rehabilitation is critical to optimal recovery.


The problem is that most of us tend to ignore our ailments until practically incapacitated or fail to progress with rehabilitation because we get too rushed with work and family commitments. The truth is that if you seek advice earlier many problems can be sorted or even prevented.  If you complete your rehabilitation you stand a better chance of regaining optimum function.

What does treatment involve?

At Raffles Medical Clinic Physiotherapy Department our philosophy is to provide exceptional, client focused care. Pride is taken in our experienced “hands on” approach. Your problems will be thoroughly assessed and your condition evaluated in order to give you a diagnosis and to help you understand what is happening.


An individually designed and effective treatment plan that takes into account your work and lifestyle, leisure activities and general health will be developed. Advice on how to help your self will be given because we truly believe that prevention of further problems is an important aspect of care.


We also have extensive connections that will  allow us to refer you to other professionals if required.

Preparations before making a physio appointment

Please check with your insurance provider whether you require a Doctor’s referral for Physiotherapy in order to reclaim treatment costs.

Your first appointment should be for 45 minutes. Your physiotherapist will advise you how long your follow up sessions should be.

First-time Patients
  • Please bring your photo ID; for International SOS members, please bring your  membership card. Clients or employees of Raffles Medical Group, please bring proof of employment or your confirmation letter of enrolment in the programme
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete a registration form
  • Please bring any relevant medical records from other centres if appropriate e.g. reports on Xrays, Scans or operations
Returning Patients
  • For returning patients, please arrive 5 minutes before your appointment to check in
  • If you are paying at the time of service, please bring your credit card or cash

Raffles Medical Beijing
Suite 105, Wing 1,
Kunsha Building 16 Xinyuanli,
Chaoyang District Beijing
100027, China

Physiotherapy or other clinic appointments: +86 (0) 10 6462 9112

Email: enquiries_beijing@rafflesmedical.com

Physiotherapy treatment hours: Mon – Fri 8.00 – 7.00pm. Saturday and Sunday 9.00 – 1.00




Raffles Medical Tianjin
1/F Apartment Building
Sheraton Tianjin Hotel
Zi Jin Shan Road
He Xi District
Tianjin 300074

Physiotherapy or other clinic appointments: +86 (0) 22 2352 0143

Email: enquiries_tianjin@rafflesmedical.com

Physiotherapy treatment hours: Tues and Thurs 09.30 – 13.00. Saturday morning by arrangement




Raffles Medical Nanjing
1st Floor, Grand Metropark Hotel Nanjing
319 East Zhongshan Rd
Xuanwu District
Nanjing 210016

Physiotherapy or other clinic appointments: +86 (0) 25 8480-2842

Email: enquiries_nanjing@rafflesmedical.com

Physiotherapy treatment hours: Mon- Fri 13.00 – 19.00