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SPI ProHealth provides specialised physical therapy services at world sports championships, tournaments, and private therapy to elite athletes and teams.
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Stephanie Roques


    • Originally from France
    • Registered Physiotherapist in SPI ProHealth China Team
    • Based in Beijing, China


    • Comprising of 7 foreign-trained physiotherapists mainly stationed in Beijing, China, the team specialises in helping patients with post-surgery rehabilitation, healing from injuries and ailments as well as managing back, neck and knee problems.
    • SPI provides integrated physiotherapy healthcare services for Raffles Medical Group in Beijing, Nanjing, Tianjin and Tianjin TEDA.

1.Tell us about your background in Physiotherapy.

I have 20 years of experience and consistent achievements as a physiotherapist. I began my career after graduating as a physiotherapist from Bordeaux University in France, with a specialization in sports physiotherapy. I first worked in different departments of a French hospital such as pediatrics, pulmonology, rheumatology and orthopedics.

Maybe because I grew up in a city in France famous for its rugby team, I have always kept  in mind the values of this sport. At the same time as I worked at the hospital, I joined the medical staff of the professional rugby team of my hometown, playing in the French Rugby Major League.

Then I moved in France to follow my husband but I always stayed in touch with rugby teams and players. I worked in private practice in Bayonne, in South of France, for rehabilitation of  athletes in various sports such as rugby, golf, tennis, surfing…. I also joined the medical staff of the rugby team of Bayonne who play in the French Rugby Major League.

Two years ago I arrived in Beijing, and started working abroad for the first time as a physiotherapist within the SPI Prohealth team (Raffles Medical Clinic) , I’m currently so happy to share my experience and develop new skills, through contact with different cultures and languages.


2. What are your interests?

I really love sports. Within my family, my husband and my son are proficient at  tennis and my daughter competes in high-level figure ice-skating. As for me, I enjoy running and hiking. I entered  many races in France and Spain, Paris marathon 2 times, 8 half-marathons, and several 10 kilometers runs. In China, I had the opportunity to participate in the famous and difficult Great Wall half-marathon last year…and my husband entered me for 2016 as a birthday present!!


3. Tell us about a life-changing experience or adventure you’ve been on. 

I have never forgotten my experience with professional rugby teams.

I enjoyed the challenge of following teams in France and improving  my skills in taping, massage, diagnosis, performance and rugby players’ rehabilitation. However, the most unforgettable moments took place in big stadiums in France, when Rugby teams I worked with competed in playoff…I shared emotions with the players, overcome with joy at the time of wins, or eyes swollen with tears during defeats.


4. What is your area of expertise?

I treat all sports injuries (feet, ankles, shoulders…) but also many problems of the back, neck, and pelvis. Because I worked with rugby teams, I have improved my skills in strapping joints.


5. What is the most fulfilling part of the job?

The most fulfilling part of my job, as a physio, is when I can see a bright smile on the patient’s face after my treatment and he/she leaves the clinic without any pain. Moreover, when sportsmen can restart practicing, playing, competing for the first time after my physio treatment is also, professionally speaking, a very gratifying moment.

Listening to my patients, encouraging them during their treatment, helping them in their rehabilitation’s progress … that’s my ultimate aim!